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Supply Chain Security
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Supply Chain Security

The geopolitical environment of the 21st century has placed a premium on security.  As this trend continues, JBC has taken a prominent role in the implementation and promotion of systems that ensure the security of global supply chains from point of origin, through port of entry and subsequent delivery. These systems protect the flow of global commerce by heightening security and stemming illicit goods trafficking, thereby ensuring integrity and consistency in the international marketplace.   

JBC International is a recognized expert in supply chain management and security of cargo.  JBC staff members serve in advisory roles on US port security and have addressed the US Congress, Senate, Transportation Security Administration, Departments of Commerce and Transportation and the Port of New York/New Jersey on methods to ensure the security of cargo and the efficient flow of trade.  JBC has identified and evaluated security solutions that include: commercial-off-the-shelf technologies for screening, security, monitoring, tracking, and detection; new technologies in advanced stages of development; improvements in existing data-collection, sharing agreements, and software; and process changes to improve efficiency and reduce windows of vulnerability.

JBC International has experience in conducting vulnerability assessments and gap analyses at international ports and developing security systems to address the needs of particular locations.  With this experience, our personnel are highly qualified and familiar with the technologies and solutions that can be implemented to enhance existing security and safety systems.  Our staff is also well versed in evaluating supply chains, determining where vulnerabilities are present and developing solutions to mitigate the existing vulnerabilities.  JBC individuals have evaluated supply chains throughout the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

To learn more about our Transportation and Supply Chain Security practice, please contact Darren ArnoldClick here for links to view a sampling of JBC’s experience in the Transportation and Supply Chain Security field.

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