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Customs Modernization

As countries around the world seek to join the increasingly globalized economy, they must create processes and adopt technologies that enable clearance of goods and persons in a timely manner that also ensures national security. JBC works with governments to develop customs modernization initiatives that fit the particular needs of a given country, and our vast experience allows us to work knowledgably in the many categories of customs modernization. From building customs control and clearance programs, to training officials about valuation and classification methods, JBC has repeatedly worked with national governments to build customs administrations that can enable economic growth now and in the future.

JBC’s approach to customs modernizations incorporates national, regional, and local customs officials, as well as stakeholders within the trade community. Because JBC is not an information technology company, our staff will work to create solutions specific to the needs of the client, rather than try to promote any one technology solution. Additionally, JBC maintains flexibility from one project to the next. We have worked with the customs administration of the world’s most populace country, and we have assisted countries boasting populations less than that of the Washington metro area; we have implemented customs modernization project in a country spanning eleven time zones, and we have provided assessments in countries smaller than the state of Wisconsin.

To learn more about our customs modernization practice, please contact Darren Arnold. Click here to view a sampling of JBC’s customs modernization experience.

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